Sounds great, where do we start?

So, you think you could benefit from picking my brain, where to from here?

Pick up the phone and give me a call on 021 681 481, or fill out the ‘contact us’ form and I’ll give you a call.  No, I don’t publish my email address, I’m not keen on being spammed.

We’ll have a bit of a chat about what you are finding your biggest current frustrations, where you want to be, and what is slowing you down from getting there.  I’m using this call to check that we are compatible with what you need and I offer, and that you are going to be open and receptive to new ways of doing things.  I expect you to be checking if you think I know what I’m talking about and you are willing to take on board the things I present to you.  There is no cost for this conversation, it’s a mutual assessment.

If we are both happy with how that chat went, we’ll book a date for me to come to your office and dig deeper into your operations, how you do various key tasks, how your business stats compare with the industry, and anything else that comes up as we interact in your work space.  Minimum time to allow for this is 2 hours (if you are willing to do some homework beforehand), but four hours to a full day is more realistic if you want a fuller picture – the more you share with me the more I can help you.  There is a charge for this initial meeting of $250 per hour, plus travel if outside Wellington Region.  See more details on our ‘costs’ page.

Following this meeting I’ll give you a report of the key areas you could work on for improvement of your business.  You can then choose to ignore it, deny or argue with it, prioritise it, or go crazy and tackle everything at once.  What you want to do is up to you.  I recommend doing the most important things for you first, and often a lot of subsidiary goals get achieved along the way as the overall process is developed.

If you choose to, we can then book some training days to work on your highest priorities and smooth out some of the road bumps in your business.  It is in this phase I can share with you templates and processes that worked well for me and others.  My rate for this is $2,000 per day (plus travel and accommodation if necessary if outside Wellington Region.  I’m happy to be billeted if that works for you).