About Jackie

I started Rental Results Property Management in 2008 with 1 client, two properties, and a lot of support from genuine people who believed in me (after all, I’d paid my dues working for another property manager for a number of years prior to launch).  What I built was a company that employed up to 6 people, had many satisfied clients (tenants and landlords), was known for our good practice, widely respected by industry professionals, and loved by our tradespeople (‘you are so clear and easy to deal with’).  We were highly profitable, performing very well against indexes.  When I sold the rent-roll, I achieved the highest portfolio multiplier in our region, and had very high retention of my clients to the new company because they trusted me.  I also had a lot of tenants, landlords, and tradespeople compliment me on being the best Property Manager they ever had, and they urged me to change my mind!

I built it up with very little investment of money, spending it only once I had made it, never borrowing.  But I made sure I invested a good deal of intellect, service, bravery, and celebration of success.  There was side helpings of tears, frustration, and fury along the way.

If it was all going so well, why did I sell?  After 10 years of giving it my all (no exaggeration), I had a surplus of long-term stress.  I’m never going to pretend running a business is easy, especially if you find ‘mediocre’ is a word that does not apply to you, and you forget to take regular breaks.  I realised that I wanted to reach some life goals that had nothing to do with money and work, and stress was preventing those goals from being achieved.  And no one gives gold stars for killing yourself through hard work.  I was heading that way with some seriously concerning health issues; my body was telling me loud and clear, it was time to stop.  Looking after me became priority number one.  I sold the rent roll and took a long break.  It was exactly the right thing to do for me at the time (and I’m much healthier now too, thanks for asking).  Your journey can be different.

What did I learn from this?

  1. I was really good at what I did.  Not just my opinion, but from those I worked with.
  2. Many of my competition do an adequate job, but could do better.
  3. While working in the business it is hard to have perspective on the business.
  4. Taking breaks is good for the soul and body.
  5.  There are many property managers who have the same frustrations, same obstacles, and same headaches as I did, but they haven’t yet found their solutions.
  6. I Have a unique set of skill, experiences and insights that can help others bring out their best.

What’s my background?

In roughly reverse chronological order:

Currently coaching and consultancy with landlords and property managers.

I teach landlords how to be better at what they do (and if not, get property management) through Tawa Community Education.

Sold Rental Results Property Management for the highest achieved multiplier in the Wellington Region, and took a long break.

Founded and operated Rental Results Property Management from 2008 – 2018.

Served as President of the Wellington Property Investors Association.  Key achievements: bringing the Association back into the parent body NZPIF after a longstanding schism.  Successfully and profitably ran the NZPIF National Conference in 2013, including an entire change of plans due to earthquake damage to the venue.  Reduced the budget of the Association to a sustainable one, and increased appeal to membership.  Handed over leadership to a capable new President when I had achieved all I set out to do.  Was made a Life Member of the Association, and honoured at a National Conference for services rendered.

Worked for a small Property Management company which had poor systems, which identified the need to be efficient and have excellent processes and good honest service.  No, I’m not going to say who, I doubt you’ve heard of them.

Bought and self-managed 10 (to date) investment properties, beginning in 2000, and continue to own these long term.

Worked as a teacher in ECE.  Very helpful for understanding the human psyche.  We are all big 3 year olds really.  Once you know that, getting others to do the right thing is easy.

Studied at Wellington College of Education for Dip Teach (incomplete).  Turns out I didn’t want to teach at primary school, but it helped me understand learning and teaching better.

Obtained Postgraduate Diploma in Education from Massey University.

Obtained Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) Massey University – with lots of cultural studies, psychology, philosophy and a bit of drama!  Sound familiar?

Worked at Youthline Palmerston North, training the counsellors on many topics and developing their training materials.

And in between all that, did many varied roles I loved, which taught me customer service and life skills, attended much professional development, enjoyed hobbies, and became very skilled at DIY on our properties.  I also live on a farm, which is purely for the fun of it (and because I seem to love hard work).