What will it cost you to engage my services?

I’m a big believer in transparency.  So you don’t need to feel awkward about asking, here is what my service will cost you.

  • My hourly rate is $250 + GST.
  • Daily rate is $2,000 + GST for a full day.
  • If I am away from home,  travel, accommodation, and disbursements are on top of my hourly/daily rate.  I have modest needs and I’m happy to be billeted so long as the bed is comfy, shower is hot, and the food is dairy free.
  • You need to invest your own time and resources.  I teach, but you need to learn and implement.  Your job is harder and takes longer.

I know for some people these costs can make property management training seem out of reach.  It isn’t.  I work with the things that give you the best return on your investment first, and then in decreasing order of importance to you from there.  We will cease working together before we are dealing with the minutia as you will have the hang of things (headspace and time available) to work out the kinks in the little things to finish shaping your property management business into everything you hoped it would be.  I don’t create dependency, this is about empowering you to run the best property management business you can.

Some people may chose their highest priority is increasing income and minimising expenses.  Others feel arranging things so they get more time off is worth more than money.  Whichever is the most valuable to you, that’s what we can start with. 

What is it likely to cost your property management company?

This is what a typical sized property management company (3 – 6 staff) will budget for this process:

Initial Property Management company review: $500-$2000 + GST for initial consultation including comprehensive report with recommendations, depending on complexity of business and what processes you already have in place.   For some people, this will be enough for them to identify the top issues for them to work on individually.  Most will want to continue with assistance to find the solutions for the biggest issues identified, which brings us to on-going training.

Training: Typically, spending $4,000 + GST to train you and your team on the top 8 – 10 burning issues affecting your property management business will have significant impact to reduce stress, increase profitability, increase productivity and lighten the workload.  If this saves you from hiring a new team member for another 6-12 months (because someone doesn’t quit, or the workload can be more easily handled by existing staff), how much have you saved on salary and staff costs?  If this lets you increase your portfolio (and stop clients leaving), how much more profit have you made?  If it increases the value of the rent roll in rental income and capital gain, how much is that worth?   If everyone gets to take that much needed time off, what is the peace of mind worth to workplace culture and harmony?

Some companies choose to have this as monthly training for their team, having a half to full day per month to keep the team tuned up and motivated.  Annual cost would be $12,000 – $24,000 + GST.  In a large team, this is excellent value for the ongoing professional development, a very small investment per person to get overall benefit to the whole company.

If you don’t feel it is worth it to you, we can end our contract at any time, there is no minimum period required.  I provide value only where it is needed and wanted.